Theory Wellness Social Equity Program

Starting a cannabis company isn’t easy. We’ve now seen the highs and the lows of what it takes. We’re fortunate to be where we are now, and it's on us to pay it forward and support those who deserve it most.

Our Sponsorship

In the upcoming weeks, we will open applications to “Economic Empowerment” applicants as designated by the Cannabis Control Commission to join our social equity program. We will select a qualified applicant, and with them, we’ll become a trusted partner to help guide and mentor their cannabis business through the process of opening their doors. From financial commitment to professional services to zoning and regulatory hurdles—Theory Wellness will be a trusted ally and advocate through the process.

Theory Wellness Investment


Financial commitment of up to $250,000, $100,000 of which will be offered in the form of 0% interest debt financing, and $150,000 worth of initial cannabis inventory to be offered on consignment. This will provide a boost of capital to help get the operation off the ground and into motion. We also will provide introductions to potential investors.


Regulatory consulting on an on-going basis to provide assistance on the local and State licensing process. This also includes navigating municipality based zoning regulations, support in securing real estate, and advising on host community agreements.

Theory Wellness Legal

Professional Services

Introductions to a wide variety of professional service firms that Theory has selected over time, including banking, legal, insurance, and HR.

No Strings Attached

Theory will not take any ownership in your business, and this program will have no contracts requiring any services or products from us – we are here to help on your terms!


Applications are now closed!

Thank you to everyone who applied and took the time to reach out. There is a very strong pool of candidates that we're excited to speak with.

If you have any questions about the program, please shoot us an email at [email protected].

We look forward to sharing more in the upcoming weeks.

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Application Eligibility

  1. Economic Empowerment Status as granted by the Cannabis Control Commission
  2. Majority ownership are Massachusetts residents
  3. Committed on opening a Marijuana Retailer

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