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Theory Wellness is a Massachusetts' cannabis company that grows cannabis, creates exciting cannabis products, and dispenses cannabis. Theory operates medical dispensary retail locations in both Bridgewater and Great Barrington, MA and offers recreational marijuana sales at our Great Barrington and Chicopee locations. All cannabis is farmed indoor in Bridgewater and outdoor in Sheffield, MA in small batches, which undergo thorough independent lab testing. To learn more about our products or our team, please check our about section here.


What are your hours of operation?

  • Bridgewater, Massachusetts: Our hours are 10 AM to 7 PM (Everyday)
  • Great Barrington, Massachusetts: Our hours are 8 AM to 10 PM (Everyday)
  • Chicopee,  Massachusetts: Our hours are 9 AM to 9 PM (Monday - Saturday; On Sunday, we are open from 10 AM - 9 PM)

Where are your dispensaries located?

Are you open for recreational marijuana sales?
Our Great Barrington and Chicopee dispensaries are open for recreational marijuana sales. To learn more about visiting, please check out our blog post. Theory Wellness also plans on opening more recreational retail dispensaries in other parts of Massachusetts. To stay informed and learn about new locations opening up, please click here.
I heard that marijuana was recently legalized in Massachusetts for all adults—do I still need a medical marijuana card to visit Theory Wellness?
As a recreational visitor, you need a valid license, passport, or government issue ID to enter our facility at the Great Barrington dispensary.

If you plan on visiting our Bridgewater dispensary, yes – you still need a valid medical marijuana card from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to visit Theory Wellness. If you are interested in learning more about how to become a medical marijuana patient, please visit this section on our website.

Am I allowed to bring my child or children into the dispensary with me? 
We do not allow infants, children or any individuals into the dispensary who are under the age of 21 (unless they are a medical patient) 
What do I need to bring to the dispensary?
If you are visiting as a medical marijuana patient in Bridgewater or Great Barrington, you will need your medical marijuana patient or caregiver identification card, as well as a valid government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license, passport, state ID, or military ID.

If you are visiting our Great Barrington or Chicopee dispensaries as a recreational customer, you will also need a valid government-issued photo ID such as a driver’s license, passport, state ID, or military ID. You must be 21+ years of age to purchase cannabis.

How can I pay for medical marijuana and recreational marijuana?
Theory Wellness accepts cash, debit cards, and CanPay (a mobile payment app only for our medical patients). For more information on how to sign up for CanPay, please see our step by step instructions on how to sign up here. You can also visit their website at:
Do you sell wholesale to other dispensaries?
We do wholesale to other dispensaries and cannabis processors. If interested, please click here or send us an email at [email protected].
Where are your prices?
All of our marijuana pricing can be found on our menus that we post online:

  • For Bridgewater Medical Patients click here.
  • For Great Barrington Medical patients click here.
  • For Great Barrington Recreational customers click here.
  • For Chicopee Recreational customers click here.

Does insurance cover medical marijuana?
No, unfortunately, insurance does not cover medical marijuana or marijuana-infused products—Theory Wellness does have a reduced-cost program to assist patients with a demonstrated financial hardship. Our financial hardship enrollment form can be found here.
Can I bring a family member or friend with me when I visit Theory Wellness dispensaries?
At our Great Barrington medical and recreational dispensary and our Chicopee recreational dispensary, you will need a valid form of identification that confirms that you and they are 21 or over.

At our Bridgewater medical dispensary, only medical marijuana patients and caregivers who are registered with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health are allowed entrance into our marijuana dispensary. Special exemptions may be granted on a case by case basis, however, please do not expect to be able to enter the dispensary if you are not a valid medical marijuana patient or caregiver.

Does Theory Wellness offer a marijuana delivery service?
We do not offer a medical or recreational marijuana delivery service at this time, however, we are in the process of exploring a delivery program to assist medical marijuana patients in Massachusetts. Stay tuned for more details on our delivery service soon!
I am interested in joining the Theory Wellness team — are you hiring?
Please see our careers page on Indeed for current employment opportunities to work at one of our medical marijuana dispensaries here in Massachusetts.
Where do your marijuana products come from?
We cultivate and process all of our medical and recreational marijuana and marijuana-infused products right here at our state of the art facility in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. Our medical marijuana dispensary in Bridgewater is located in the same building (1050 Elm St, Bridgewater, Massachusetts). We also recently began outdoor cultivation through a unique partnership with a local farmer in Sheffield, MA. You can read about our farm grown cannabis here
How do I know your medical and recreational marijuana is safe?
At Theory Wellness, each and every batch of medical and recreational marijuana and marijuana-infused products are independently lab tested here in Massachusetts for mold, bacteria, heavy metals, and pesticides to ensure that our medical marijuana is pure, clean and safe. Moreover, we offer Massachusetts patients full transparency into our lab testing. View our medical marijuana test results, cannabinoid profiles, and terpene profiles by checking out our menus.
What makes Theory Wellness different than the other medical marijuana or recreational dispensaries in Massachusetts?
Theory Wellness is led by a group of individuals committed to creating a unique vision of how medical and recreational marijuana companies should operate – we focus on small-batch cultivation, rare genetics, and holistic patient-centric experience. We always put product quality over quantity. Come find out for yourself!
How do I contact Theory Wellness?

What towns in Massachusetts are your dispensaries closest to?

  • Our medical marijuana dispensaries are located in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, and Great Barrington, Massachusetts. However, we see medical marijuana patients every day from all over Massachusetts.
  • Some of the towns and cities that we are closest to our Bridgewater marijuana dispensary are: East Bridgewater, Massachusetts; West Bridgewater, Massachusetts; Brockton, Massachusetts; Easton, Massachusetts; Brockton, Massachusetts; Plymouth, Massachusetts; Taunton, Massachusetts; Middleborough, Massachusetts; Stoughton, Massachusetts; Boston, Massachusetts; Dedham, Massachusetts; Dorchester, Massachusetts; Fall River, Massachusetts; New Bedford, Massachusetts; Bourne, Massachusetts; Braintree, Massachusetts; Quincy, Massachusetts; Attleboro, Massachusetts; and Framingham, Massachusetts.
  • Some of the towns and cities that we are closest to our Great Barrington marijuana dispensary are: Stockbridge, Massachusetts; Pittsfield, Massachusetts; Springfield, Massachusetts; Holyoke, Massachusetts; West Springfield, Massachusetts; Northampton, Massachusetts; Chicopee Massachusetts; and Westfield, Massachusetts.

What is your phone number (please note, you may text any of the numbers below)?

If you would like additional educational resources about Theory Wellness cannabis sales, please see our patient guide here, our recreational guide here, or our treatment tracker here.

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